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Mahir ReissMahir Reiss is the co-founder of Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy. A board certified physical therapist, Dr. Mahir Reiss has 35 years of clinical experience. Dr. Reiss attended Georgetown University as an undergraduate, where he received his degree in biology. He then went on to attend the University of Delaware’s Physical Therapy program. Today, he operates his practice alongside his partner, Bob Westwood, in San Diego. Dr. Mahir Reiss is a member of several prestigious professional organizations, including the American Physical Therapist Association and the California Physical Therapy Association.

About the practice

Doctors Reiss and Westwood met at the physical therapy program at the University of Delaware. They maintained a connection over the years, and after each individual worked at several other practices, they decided to join forces to offer patients a comprehensive and personalized approached to physical therapy. As the practice grew, they took on two other physical therapists, including an aquatic specialist. They then added a full-time nutritionist to the staff, as well as a full time massage therapist. Together the members of the practice have a depth of skills that many other facilities can’t offer, which is part of the reason they’re becoming one of the most popular practices in the area.

Using the most up-to-date techniques and tools, these professionals help patients combat chronic pain, recover from injury, and increase their performance on the athletic field. Their broad range of services appeals to a diverse client base: from elderly individuals, to professional athletes and people who have sustained injury in accidents and falls.

Mahir Reiss firmly believes that successful physical therapy requires a partnership between the patient and the practitioner. This partnership ensures that the physical therapist has a full understanding of the client’s needs and concerns. This enables that individual to create the most effective treatment plan for the patient. When the patient fully trusts his or her practitioner, they’re more likely to stick with their sessions, and do work outside of their meetings to further promote healing.

The services offered

Dr. Mahir Reiss and Dr. Westwood utilize a number of strategies to treat their clients. These tools vary depending on the client’s needs, situation, and pain level. They will approach a professional athlete’s recovery much differently than they would a person who just wants to have the ability to take their dog for a walk around the block again. Using manual therapy, aquatic therapy, and land exercise, they’re able to treat all types of injuries.

Some of the group’s most popular services include:

  • Physical therapy to all areas of the body
  • Programs that specifically work to prevent the need for surgery
  • Arthritis minimization
  • Spine rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Shoulder surgery rehabilitation programs
  • ACL surgery rehabilitation programs
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Massage therapy
  • Aquatic therapy

The facility offers evening and weekend appointments, so as to better serve working individuals, and those balancing families and other obligations.

Mahir Reiss Answers Common Questions About Physical Therapy

Mahir Reiss knows that to those who are new to physical therapy, the practice may seem odd. Many are looking for quick results, and wonder how these techniques can help them recovery quickly. Here are some of Dr. Reiss’s answers to these, and more, questions:

How is physical therapy useful?

A trained physical therapist is able to evaluate your condition and get to the root of your discomfort. Upon evaluation, the practitioner will then create a personalized treatment program that meets your needs and goals. This plan may involve hands-on manual therapy, aquatic therapy, gym-based exercise, massage therapy, or nutritional counseling. You will also learn about at-home exercises that you can do to continue your progress in between sessions. Your physical therapist will talk to you about proper body mechanics and posture in order to prevent aggravating an existing injury or falling victim to another sprain, strain, or tear.

If I want to do aquatic therapy, do I need to know how to swim?

You don’t need to know how to swim in order to utilize aquatic therapy. Your practitioner will use flotation belts and other devices that allow you to remain stable in the water, even if you don’t know how to swim on your own. During aquatic therapy, you don’t submerge your face in the water. In most cases, your hair remains dry. In some situations, your physical therapy professional will join you in the water for extra assistance. This form of treatment offers a range of benefits, so Mahir Reiss highly encourages patients to go in the water, when appropriate. Discuss this option with your practitioner if it’s something that interests you.

How much does physical therapy cost?

This will depend on your insurance plan. The amount each visit will cost you will depend on how much your insurance plan covers. If you’d like to figure out the exact cost of treatment, contact the practice and discuss your insurance policy with the billing department. Some patients assume that they’re unable to receive physical therapy if they don’t work with an insurance carrier; Doctors Reiss and Westwood believe in the importance of physical therapy for everyone who needs it. To make this possible, they offer discounted rates for self-pay patients. The facility offers easy payment plans for those who pay on their own.

Does my doctor have to refer me to your practice in order for me to receive care?

The staff at Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy will evaluate you without a referral from a doctor; they’ll offer advice about your situation, as well as exercises that can start you on the road to recovery, however a note from a doctor is necessary after the first session in order for treatment to continue.

What will happen during the first visit?

During the first visit, patients are evaluated by a licensed physical therapist. During this evaluation, the practitioner will determine the cause of pain, and come up with a personalized treatment plan that helps to alleviate symptoms. The plan is specifically tailored to meet that patient’s needs and goals.

How should I dress for physical therapy?

In order to have a productive session, wear comfortable clothes. It’s also recommended that you wear athletic shoes. Lockers are available for those who wish to change into their physical therapy attire upon arrival.

Will I always see the same practitioner?

Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy tries to keep patients on a consistent routine with the same physical therapist. If scheduling conflicts or illness interfere, a patient may need to see a new practitioner for that particular session. The interim physical therapy professional will receive a full briefing on your case and will have the ability to meet your needs just like your other trainer.

Mahir Reiss is a licensed physical therapist who owns his own practice in the San Diego area. Mahir Reiss offers a diverse range of services, including aquatic therapy, massage therapy, and gym-based exercise to help expedite patients’ recovery.

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